It’s easy to do when you’re at Autry Cellars. There is no glitzy tasting room, no expansive wrap-around wine bar made for hoards of shuttle bussed patrons. It’s just us, paying attention to you, in a comfortable and unassuming tasting room focused on the joys of wine appreciation. More often than not, it’s Steve Autry pouring at the tasting table, sharing the nuances of his award-winning wines and the story of their creation. It’s a sensory journey, an afternoon respite, and an education all in one.

We're Open Daily! 11am - 5pm

5450 Edna Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


Enjoy A Few Selections From Our Barrel Room!

Stop by our casual boutique winery on your way through the beautiful Central California Coastal region and sample our amazing collection. Home to the Edna Valley and Paso Robles luscious grapes, we pick only the finest to produce our outstanding wines, from bold reds to vibrant whites. We also offer a nice selection of brandy and dessert wines to please your palate. A masterpiece wine awaits your enjoyment!


Our artisan winemakers frequently get asked the right way to sample wine. Whether you’re a novice or devoted wine connoisseur, the process is simple.


Step One: Look

Step Two: Swirl

Step Three: Smell

Step Four: Taste


Remember, taste our whites before the reds and our reds before the sweet wines.


The winemaking process is a love affair with the process of its creation and a science behind its production.


Come in and taste for yourself! You need not be a sommelier to have fun tasting the variety of award-winning vintages we produce at our winery. We’re unassuming and we like it that way.


Visit, enjoy, relax. Take in all that we have to offer while sampling some of our finest products. For those who want to bring home our wine to savor, you may purchase on the spot and also sign up for our Ostinato Wine Club. Members receive three bottles of our spectacular artisan wines four times per year. 20% off of all wine purchases. Join today!