A bass player in jazz and rock bands with past careers in aerospace research and technology, Steve combined his artistic talent with his scientific knowledge and became a full time artisan winemaker in 2001. Over the years his approach has confirmed what he long suspected – that the secret to great wines is rooted as much in science as it is in the traditional art of winemaking, both of which Steve approaches with tremendous dedication and passion.


Very limited production allows meticulously and personally caring for each wine, from the time grapes are harvested to the barrel tasting that signals a wine’s time has come. Autry’s award winning wines are indeed spectacular, as you’ll find on your very first visit…the gold, silver, and bronze medals lined up in Autry Cellars’ tasting room bear this out.

In 1983 Steve Autry had a wine epiphany while drinking a Zinfandel. He had no idea that wine could be that spectacular and said, “Someday I want to make a wine like that!” By all measures he has achieved that dream.